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Photojournalist.Berlin Matthias Nold
Pariser Platz 4a
10117 Berlin - Mitte


I am a freelance photojournalist based in Berlin, Germany, specialising exclusively in political events and politicians. With extensive experience in the field of political photojournalism, I have photographed presidents, prime ministers, heads of state and various high-ranking politicians. I am specialised in photographing the current Federal President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Areas of expertise
I exclusively attend political conferences, summits and forums for the purpose of photographing senior political figures. I have been passionate about photography since an early age and have an excellent grasp of the technical aspects of the medium, enabling me to tell a visual story that reflects the reality of an encounter. In my freelance capacity, I have the flexibility and freedom I need to attend all manner of events and engage with important subjects who sit at the top table of politics. Since entering this arena, I have succeeded in building a reputation as a reliable, pragmatic and highly capable provider of high-quality political photos.
Pressefotografen, Fotograf, Bildjournalisten, Fotojournalist, Photojournalist, Fotoreporter
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